SEO strategy

Prepare your SEO strategy

Discover your customer’s journey

Hire your dedicated SEO technical manager to shape your customer’s journey. Create the best brand opportunities for you, SEO infuses the brand essence into the digital world.



Hiring your top seo technical manager helps you solve both tactical and strategic issues. Tactical are issues, which involve tactical decision making: primarily structural and algorithmic problems that impact user experience and ranking in the search engines. They are prioritised based on the severity and impact.
Strategic involve strategic and critical thinking decision making: primarily competitive and content driven decisions but not limited to these. Buying a .com domain is a critical strategic decision, when you want to shape your customers’ journey worldwide. Improving your back-linking technology can be both strategic and tactical.


Identify opportunities

Technical SEO audit, keyword research, backlinks, intent based promotions and everything in between. We optimise and fine-tune everything from ground-up. From hosting issues to titles needed to maximise your search visibility.



While you review your strategy based on our recommendations, you get real time reporting on what is fixed now, what is under development and what is upcoming. Ranking reports also provide you a clear indication of the impact of our work.


Shape the journey

With an agile approach we drive your decision making in this stage. You get all the keyword research and content organised, labeled and prioritised. You find out how you can make your content more findable, exploring data points that your customers interact, consume and transact.

Indetify opportunities

Imagine unlimited frontiers

SEO strategy is an integral part of doing business online. There are over 2 billion people using the internet today. Don’t you think some of them should find your site?



Take control in your hands

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of an agile approach is to help you drive real time decisions. A top seo technical manager from Jorgssen is a product manager at heart: he treats SEO as a product, and not as a by-product.

He will not only optimise the code of your site, your customer’s journey, your intent based promotions but also the timeline of tasks under development, upcoming and the deliverables. This will maximise your efforts to boost rankings and align your timeline.

Shape the journey

intent based promotions

SEO aligns the strategy, technology, and content of your online marketing strategy.SEO articulates and infuses the brand essence into the server, the code, the filename of any given image, and many more.

The majority of internet purchases start with a simple search. Is your business visible in search? Can you capture the searcher’s journey?