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About Yiannis Skordaris

technical SEO manager

Yiannis has been helping companies to become the most trusted voice in search engines, for more than a decade. Utilising technical Search Engine Optimisation techniques first, Yiannis achieves to align the strategy content and technology of any given organisation or venture. Yiannis is your  top seo technical manager. 

He spends a lot of his free time on how google works. He is married, has a boxer dog, does a lot of gardening, rides a board during the winter, rides the winds and windsurfs every day, during summer. 

Every day, Yiannis does QA on websites to increase their rankings and grow better using the best SEO practices. 

His top skills involve tenacity, solving problems every day, honesty and compassion. Winning together, achieving Freedom in life, and excelling in his field is what motivates him. 

Professional experience

Head of Search

Hedgefun.net | 09-2020 - 01-2023

Delivered polish functions in a CMS web app, that integrated SEO requirements, and crypto payments. Identified, and fixed major technical SEO issues and achieved the highest SERPS in more than 50 web applications and large commerce websites. Successfully delegated tasks on how to optimise the search engines and scale commerce applications with more than 50.000 URLs per app. Trained a talent pool of technical SEO experts around SEO project management. Set up and provided the guidelines to teams, on how to set up GA4 in mobile apps and websites. Guided the design strategy using the Figma app to create SEO- first UX.

Digital Marketing Manager SEO

ZEUSPLAY smpc. | 09-2018 - 09-2020

Delivered growth in revenues. Achieved highest SERP rankings that led to 10% increase in B2B revenues. Delivered the branding design strategy for the Marketing and Sales department. SEO helped Zeusplay be the most reliable and relevant result in the gaming industry.

SEO technical manager

JORGSSEN | 07-2012 - current

From small to large-scale e-commerce websites and web apps, orchestrates the SEO strategy, drives organic revenues, fixes technical SEO issues, safeguards back-linking technology, skyrockets clients' domain authority and shapes their customers' journey.

Product Development Manager SEO

APIFON SMPC | 11-2017 - 08-2018

Delivered the SEO strategy for the Marketing department. Trained the sales department in Hubspot pro. Successfully established channel partnership sales. Designed a working product prototype, for the Research and Development department, around the hospitality industry.

Product Manager

ALKITOS co. | 01-2017 - 08-2018

Daily operations to optimise the logistics of Alkitos e-shop, scaling a partnership with a TV broadcast channel, delivered requirements and steps to SEO strategy, delivered a functional web application. Prioritised SEO and SEM to enhance the eastern's and summer's advertising campaigns. Delivered the SEO strategy, launched a multi-sales channel web application, while managing a remote team. Optimised the sales and logistics of alkitos eshop.

Product Manager and founder

Bloomit.io | 09-2012 - 08- 2014

Startup project, HR software specialising in recruiting and hiring around the green industry. Failed raising resources, gained a lifetime of experience.
Developed the business plan, the WordPress web application. Established client reach.
Finished Innovation Smart Hub accelerator. Participated in Swiss Day, Bern, Switzerland.
Participated in National Bank of Greece startup competition. Nothing fancy here, pure bloodbath.

Senior Marketing Manager

BRENTAS LTD | 02-2010 - 07-2013

Optimized company’s website to achieve the highest rankings in Google search engine, generating cross-selling revenues in no more than a year without using Google Adwords services. Expanded and achieved high returns from the SEO strategy. Established and enhanced top-level customer relations and service standards. Negotiated vendor contracts and interfaced with clients concerning pricing, availability, damages, etc. Evaluated, and strengthened employee teamwork, and company operation policy.

GIS Field Analyst

NAVTEQ | 09-2009 - 12-2009

On site area mapping for Global Information Systems applications for Nokia Maps. Responsible for complete mapping of a part of the northern Thrace, Greece.
 Delivered mapping data for mobile location content applications.

Sales & Product Manager

SOFTCALC | 03-2007 - 07-2008

I organised meetings and seminars, trained public surveyors of the Greek Ministry of Finance on Softcalc platform, while increasing revenues. Established and launched business to business (B2B) marketing campaigns to drive more engagement on the website. Collaborated with Softcalc 's R&D engineers to ensure the UI friendliness.

Sales & Product Manager


Conducted B2B and B2C sales. Informed and helped independent survey engineers to obtain funding from the European Union. Drove sales of new and used survey instruments. Developed strong customer relations, appraised trade-ins, orchestrated financing, and gave final approval of all sales.

Sales Manager

BRENTAS LTD | 03- 2004 - 08-2006

Dealt directly with hands-on technical assistance to clients, while building customer relationships. Designed and installed private spa and pool systems. Performed testing of water samples to monitor pool water chemistry and made adjustments to the water. You know, those sunny summer days, you just can't forget!


S&B INDUSTRIAL MINERALS S.A. | 07-2003 - 09-2003

Global Information Systems on site survey mapping in Alexandroupolis, Greece to search for natural occurrence of bentonite. Processed digital data content to create digital elevation models.

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