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When it comes to SEO everyone invests the least amount of time on how to optimise the server. For us, your server is your mothership, the cornerstone of your growth foundation.


Benefits of SEO hosting

a strategic decision making

Your web hosting, your server performance, the enhanced security protocols are critical parts of a successful SEO strategy and top rankings. Unless your server performance is in place, the uptime is stable and uninterrupted, Core Web Vitals fail to pass your website, it is just that.

How Jorgssen SEO hosting can help you

Uptime is a top ranking factor in SEO. We make sure to inform you about any mishaps. Googlebot is regularly visiting your website and crawls, index it and then ranks it. If your website is down, your website won’t be crawled.

We provide you with all the requirements to enable compression, setup and manage your content delivery network, minimise threads and resources, reduce your Time to First Byte and so much more.

DDoS are common, SSLs expire and several URLs expose your actual IP addresses, that may pose a vulnerability. This kind of issues affect how Googlebot behaves during the process of crawling and with our SEO hosting service we make sure that everything is in place.

Site backups are very important to be consistent and reliable. A broken database can mess with the meta information, the kind of information rendered on the server-side and critical to SEO success. It’s impossible to maintain an ease of mind, if during an update your database breaks and you can’t access all your SEO data. If not, you may have a week at the most to revert the situation.

Enable compression

reduce your resources up to 90%

It is essential to utilise compression methods, in order to minimise the data sent as much as possible. Using uncompressed pages leads to a slower page load time, resulting in a poor user experience and a lower search engine ranking.

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ontop CDN

enterprise-grade performance

Content delivery networks (CDN) can offer not only huge increase in your performance but also can be great security tools. Some CDNs offer enhanced security agains DDoS attacks too.

A CDN is a critical part of  the SEO hosting service we deploy. The CDN delivers high availability, high speed and performance by distributing your content spatially relative to end users.

Using a CDN, your pages will load much more quickly and your searchers will engage with your website even more. This leads to higher engagement rate and thus, higher rankings. As  the CDN also improves your page-load,  images, analytic scripts and everything in between are optimised for a better user experience.

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Your trusted partner

customer support is critical

Choose a reliable hosting provider, an amazing web hosting tier with constant support. Host providers with  professional support teams and accredited  customer care, will help you in every step of the process and will never fail to be at your side, when things hit the fan! While this is not up to SEO hosting service, it affects major in times of downtime and mishaps. Things happen!

How to lay your growth foundation


Fire up your foundation

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Technical SEO management is the growth foundation of your Marketing. It delivers more precise experiences to your searchers, who transact 60% more and drive revenue faster.