Develop you Growth foundation

Start with technical seo management

Your search performance is not a general idea nor a speciality

It is a complex mix of data and strategic driven solution: a growing need to become the most trusted voice in the search engines and your ultimate goal to shape your customer’s journey.

Technical SEO management

solve technical SEO first

Technical SEO management articulates the brand essence into the digital world. Start building your growth foundation with Jorgssen SEO consulting company.

SEO strategy

shape your customer’s journey

Align the technology, analyse, evaluateĀ  the content that fits to you and orchestrate your SEO strategy. Drive better decisions and measure your content performance.Hire your top SEO technical manager and get a report.

GA4 optimisation

enhance your analysis

Google analytics 4 (GA4) is a new analytics platform and different from the Google Universal Analytics (UA or GA3). As of now, GA4 is under development but some changes include that GA4 will no longer store IP addresses. Also, there are some limits in configuration of GA4.
Another difference is in the data model of GA4: Universal Analytics hit types include page hits, event hits, e-commerce hits, interaction hits. These are all hit types with titles and labels. Now GA4 all hit types translate to events. Hire your top SEO technical manager from Jorgssen consulting and create a laser-focused GA4 property to run alongside with Universal Analytics.

SEO hosting

welcome to your mothership

Modernize your existing server infrastructure with SEO-friendly techniques, for blazing fast page loads, high-end security and privacy controls, that make Core Web Vitals pass like a breeze.