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Google Analytics 4 is the new analytics script from Google to make analysis of your traffic and engagement across your websites, web applications and mobile apps.


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Event and user driven only

Google analytics just got even better! Hella functional, more robust across all platforms, more accurate, free with Big Query. While many say that it’s harder to navigate through GA4 reporting view, Jorgssen can help you bootstrap GA4 optimisation like a breeze!

Advantages of GA4 optimisation

GA4 optimisation helps now companies measure, combine and use data across all platforms in a single property.

You get high accuracy, higher than ever before. GA4 insights, reveal your unique users and interactions, across all platforms!

No coding skills required! With enhanced measurement, you enable all kind of predefined certain events. It’s easier than ever before to setup your own custom events too.

Forget the bounce rate. Forget any sort of arbitrary titles and explanations. GA4 reporting view now provides what made always sense for those who are into data analysis: the engagement rate, a session, where a user actually interacted across your platforms


run SQL queries free

GA4 offers integration with Big Query for free. While this kind of connection was a paid feature in Universal analytics, with GA4 you can access your data for free and take use of the Big Query. Get our top seo technical manager to start the GA4 optimisation today!


Analysis that matters

Unlimited volume of data

We offer meaningful GA4 optimisation with Jorgssen! While you may come up with some limits of the unique events you can use, no need to track the universe, unless you are into astronomy: GA4 has unlimited volume of data you can send on the GA4 property.

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Debugging inside GA4

debug mode set true

DebuggingView is now available inside the Ga4 reporting view, under Property settings. This saves you tons of hours to configure, monitor and validate your analytic events, across all platforms.

GA4 optimisation with Yiannis


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